CHINOPERL holds an international conference annually, traditionally in conjunction with the Association for Asian Studies (AAS).

2022 CHINOPERL Conference -- Hybrid

The video clip of the Kunqu workshop in Hawaii was added in July, 2022

Dates:     24-27 March 2022

The conference will be held in Hybrid mode (on-site and online) on March 24 during the time when AAS holds its conference in Hawaii from March 24 to 27, 2022. Two additional CHINOPERL conference days will take place virtually on March 26 and April 2, 2022.

Program Coordinator:  Wenwei Du (CHINOPERL President), Vassar College

Program:   2022 CHINOPERL Program (pdf file)

Registration Fee:   free for attendees - Please contact Professor Wenwei Du ( for Zoom links.

Note: Authors of CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature and 2022 conference presenters are required to be regular members. Members receive our refereed journal, CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature (formerly, Chinoperl Papers).

Call For Papers:   This is the call for papers for our 2022 CHINOPERL conference. The conference will be held online during the time when AAS holds its conference in Hawaii from March 24 to 27, 2022. (We may additionally hold in-person sessions if there is a significant number of people who will go to Hawaii to attend the AAS conference and also wish to present their additional papers at our CHINOPERL conference.)

The conference committee encourages scholars, artists and graduate students all over the world to join our association and welcomes submissions of papers on topics relating to Chinese oral and performing literature. The languages for presentations at our conference are English and/or Chinese.

When you submit your paper abstracts or panel proposals, please note the following:

  1. In the text of your abstract or proposal, provide a title for your paper and write your full name, your affiliation, your position, your email address, and your location from March 24 to March 27, 2022 (the exact dates and times for various panels during this period will be decided later in order to have a full consideration of the time differences between various regions around the world).

  2. Indicate whether or not you plan to go to Hawaii to attend the AAS conference.

  3. Abstracts or proposals to be considered for presentation should be sent to Professor Wenwei Du (
    Submission deadline: November 23, 2021. - closed

中国口传文学暨演唱文艺研究会的2022年国际学术年会将在2022年3月24日至27日期间在线上召开。(3月24日至27日也是 AAS亚洲研究学会在夏威夷召开线下年会的时间,如果有一定数量的成员想参加我们的会议,同时又去夏威夷参加亚洲研究学会的会议, 我们也有可能组织限量的线下论坛小组研讨会。)



  1. 请在论文摘要的正文中,注明论文题目、您的姓名、所属机构、职位、电邮地址,以及您的所在地(2022年3月24日至27日期间), 我们将根据这些信息来决定具体的大会与小组论坛研讨时间,我们会照顾到来自世界不同地区的报告者与听众的时间。

  2. 请注明您有没有计划去夏威夷参加亚洲研究学会的线下会议。

  3. 请把跟中国口头文学与表演文学有关的论文摘要电邮至都文伟教授之信箱(。


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2022 CHINOPERL Conference:

24-27 March 2022
Annual conference and general issues
Contact: Professor Wenwei Du, President.
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