Back Volumes 1981-1990

CHINOPERL Papers No. 15 (1990)

Samuel H.N. Cheung: Structural Cyclicity in Shuihu Zhuan: From Self to Sworn Brotherhood

W.L. Idema: Zhu Youdun’s Plays as a Guide to Fifteenth-Century Performance Practice

Mark Bender: “Felling the Ancient Sweetgum”: Antiphonal Folk Epics of the Miao of Southeast Guizhou

David Moser: Reflexivity in the Humor of Xiangsheng

Kate Stevens: The Slopes of Changban: A Beijing Drumsong in the Liu Style (with translation)

Bronislawa Kordas: The Poetic Functions and the Oral Transmission of Chinese Proverbs

Lindy Li Mark: The Role of Avocational Performers in the Preservation of Kunqu

Hans H. Frankel: Hsü Wei as Drama Critic: An Annotated Translation of the Nan-tz’u Hsü-lu, by K.C. Leung. Book Review

CHINOPERL Papers No. 14 (1986)

Wu Xiaoling: Glowing Clouds in an Azure Sky: A Newly Discovered Royal Pageant, trans. Lindy Li Mark and Samuel H.N. Cheung

Rulan Chao Pian: Text and Musical Transcription of a Kaipian, “Birthday Wishes from the Eight Immortals”

Perry Link: “Stuck in Xiangsheng”

Lindy Li Mark: Kunju Theatre in the Transvestite Novel: Pinhua Baojian

Wen Li-rong: The Blind Singers of Guangzhou (transcribed by Chen Bing-han, translated by Bell Yung)

Yunhe Zhang: Argosies of Wonder on the Rivers and Lakes: Memories of the Guanju Troupe (translated and annotated by Lindy Li Mark)

Pu Songling: The Wall, a Folk Opera in Four Acts (trans. and annot. with an introduction by Chang Li-ching and Victor Mair)

CHINOPERL Papers No. 13 (1984–1985)

Rulan Chao Pian: The Autobiography of the Drum Singer, Jang Tsueyfenq (as told to Liou Fang)

Hans Frankel: The Relations between Narrator and Characters in Yuefu Ballads

Ji Hu: Three Decades of Kunqu in Modern China, 1956–1985

Wang Ch’iu-kuei: Research Activities in the Performing Arts in the Republic of China

Jan W. Walls: Popular Chinese Literature and Performing Arts, edited by Bonnie S. McDougall. Book Review

CHINOPERL Papers No. 12 (1983)

Lindy Li Mark: Tone and Tune in Kunqu

Rulan Chao Pian: Musical Elements in the Peking Opera Bah Wang Bye Ji

Susan Blader: “Yan Chasan Thrice Tested”: Printed Novel to Oral Tale

Jo Humphrey: The Chinese Shadow Theatre Today

Victor Mair: A Newly Identified Fragment of the “Translation of Wang Ling”

Bell Yung: “Rotten Big Drum” (concluded)

Kate Stevens: “A Short Life”: A Shandong Pattertale

CHINOPERL Papers No. 11 (1982)

Edward Gunn: Spoken Drama from 1978: Limited Innovation

Shu-Ying Tsao: Recent Developments in Spoken Drama

Ai-li S. Chin: Li Shimin, Prince of Qin: Dramatic Presentation as Art

Elizabeth J. Bernard: The Present State of Influence of Western Theatre on Spoken Drama Production in the People’s Republic of China

Shen Cheng-zhou: China’s New Musical Play

Pamela C. White: Peking Opera Today: Some Views of Performers

Bell Yung: Popular Narrative in the Pleasure Houses of the South: “Rotten Big Drum”

Kate Stevens: The Empty City Ruse: A Xiangsheng by Hou Baolin and Guo Qiru

Susan Blader and Kate Stevens: Field Report

CHINOPERL Papers No. 10 (1981)

Victor Mair: Lay Students and the Making of Written Vernacular Narrative: An Inventory of the Tun-huang Manuscripts

David Roy: The 15th-Century Shuo-ch’ang tz’u-hua as Examples of Written Formulaic Composition

Cyril Birch: The Dramatic Potential of Xi Shi, Elite versus Popular Elements in Huanshaji and Jiopaji

Jo Humphrey: The Yueh Lung Shadow Theatre, an Example of Cultural Preservation

Ellen Judd: New Yang’ge, the Case of A Worthy Sister-in-Law
John McCoy: Cantonese Folksongs: Authentication by Linguistic Criteria