Back Volumes 1971-1980

CHINOPERL Papers No. 9 (1979–1980)

Rulan Chao Pian: Musical Analysis of the Medley Song, “The Courtesan’s Jewel Box”

Shuying Tsao: Xiangsheng and the Performer Hou Baolin

George A. Hayden: Li Li-weng: A Playwright on Performance

Chun-kin Leung: The Cantonese Opera in Guangzhou in 1979

Richard F.S. Yang: The Peking Opera in 1979

Irmgard Johnson: An Interview with the son of Mei Lan-fang

Jane Chu Djang: Peking Opera at the Met in 1980

Jo Humphrey: The Fujian Hand Puppets in New York in 1980

Rinnie Tang-Loaec: The 19th-Century Recordings and Costumes of Peking Opera in the Musée de l’homme, Paris

CHINOPERL Papers No. 8 (1978)

Susan Blader: San-hsia wu-yi and its Link to Oral Literature

Richard F. Strassberg: Buddhist Storytelling Texts from Tun-huang

Isabel K.F. Wong: The Printed Collections of K’un-ch’ü Arias and Their Sources

Chun-jo Liu: Five Major Chant Types of the Buddhist Service, Gong-tian

Rulan Chao Pian: “The Courtesan’s Jewel Box,” A Medley Song—Text and Musical Transcription

CHINOPERL Papers No. 7 (1977)

Chun-kin Leung: Notes on Cantonese Opera in North America

Sophia Delza: From the Classical Chinese Theatre to the Revolutionary Peking Opera

Bell Yung: A Trip to Sok Gu Wan with a Cantonese Opera Troupe

Jan W. Walls: The Bamboo Clapper Tale

David Holm: Report on an Experiment with Yangge Dance and Music

Gary Seaman: Ethnographic Film from the Field to the Classroom: Film Records of Popular Religion in China

CHINOPERL Papers No. 6 (1976)

Eugene Eoyang: The Oral Element in Chinese Fiction: Notes toward a Phenomenology

Stephen West: Some Remarks on the Development of Northern Drama

Richard Strassberg: The Singing Techniques of K’un-ch’ü and their Musical Notations

Ch’ung-ho Chang Frankel: The Practice of K’un-ch’ü Singing from the 1920’s to the 1960’s

Pen-yeh Tsao: P’ing-t’an Music: A Preliminary Study

Bell Yung: Reconstructing a Lost Performance Context: A Field Work Experience

Kate Stevens: Sea-Swallow—Translation of Crosstalk

CHINOPERL News No. 5 (1975)

Proceedings at the Fifth Meeting (1973) of the Conference

Eugene Anderson: Songs of the Hong Kong Boat People

Charles Wivell: The Chinese Oral and Pseudo-Oral Narrative Tradition

Fredric Lieberman: Some Contributions of Ethnomusicology to the Study of Oral Literature

Proceedings at the Sixth Meeting (1974) of the Conference

Bell Yung: The Role of Speech Tone in the Creative Process of the Cantonese Opera

Chun-jo Liu: Oral Recitals

Richard F.S. Yang: Revolutionary Opera

CHINOPERL News No. 4 (1974)

Letter from the Editor
Communications from Members
Proceedings at the Third Meeting of the Conference
Proceedings at the Fourth Meeting of the Conference

Rulan Pian: An Interim Bibliography for the Chinese Oral Tradition

Catherine Stevens: Chinese Folk Entertainment: A Collection of Tapes with Matching Texts (Catalogue)

Reports on Field Research:

Chun-jo Liu: 
Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1960–1970

Rulan Pian: 1964, 1956-1966, 1971

Mailing Lists: page 138

CHINOPERL News No. 3 (1973)

Letter from the Editor

Chun-jo Liu with Ling-te Liao and Michael Welch, A Descriptive Catalogue of Recordings of the Buddhist Rite for the Dead

  • Introduction
  • Data on the Tapes and Terms
  • Location, Duration and Titles or Tune Titles
  • Textual Forms, Musical Styles, Metric Configurations
  • Text Incipits and Textual Sources
  • Tabulations and Indices
  • Bibliography

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