Back Volumes 1991-2000

CHINOPERL Papers No. 23 (2000–2001)

C. K. Wang: The Collecting and Editing of Taoist Ritual Texts

Sara Davis: Sithat Auk Boht: A Tai Buddhist Tale from Yunnan

Jon Kowallis: Die Merkwürdige Geschichte der Sai Jinhua: Historisch Philologie Untersuchung zur Entstehung und Verbreitung einer
Legende aus der Zeit des Boxeraufstands, by Stephan von Minden. Book Review

Yu Li: Conference Report of Beyond Peony Pavilion: Performance, Ethnicity and Cultural Processes in China, Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, April 27–28, 2001.

CHINOPERL Papers No. 20–22 (1997–1999)

Dedication to Cyril Birch

Hua-yuan Li Mowry: Introduction

Wei Hua: Character Design in The Peony Pavilion

Edmond Yee: Yuzan Ji: Evolution, Legacy, and Criticism

Victoria B. Cass: Feng Menglong and the Late-Ming Articulation of Sentiment

Hung-nin Samuel Cheung: Reconstructing Truth through Fifteen Strings of Cash

Hua-yuan Li Mowry: Passion and Compassion in Feng Menglong’s Literary World

Marston Anderson: Murder by Number: On Coincidence and Cosmological Assurance in Crime-case Fiction

Jon Kowallis: Festivals for Lu Xun: the “Lesser Tradition” and National Identity Construction

Jeannette Faurot: Lao She’s Philosophy and The Philosophy of Lao Zhang

Robert L. Chard: Transcendents, Sorcers, and Women Warriors: Huanzhulouzhu’s Mountain Sword-warriors of Sichuan

Lucien Miller: Occidentalism and Alterity: Native Self and Foreign Other in Chen Yingzhen and Shusaku Endo

Marsha L. Wagner: The Subversive Fiction of Yu Hua

Wendy Larson: Notes on the Chinese Modernism-Realism Debates

K. C. Leung: Chinese Courtship: The Huajian Ji in English Translation

Linda Wang: Translation of a Sanqu Lyric from Ma Zhiyuan’s Dongli Yuefu

David Palumbo-Liu: Simplicity, Otherness, and Poetic Language

Catherine Swatek: Peter Sellars’ Avant-Garde Production of Peony Pavilion

In Appreciation of Cyril Birch
Cyril Birch: Scholar and Teacher
The Writings of Cyril Birch

CHINOPERL Papers No. 19 (1996)

Peter Li: Lao She and Chinese Folk Literature

Mark Bender: Keys to Performance in Kunming Storytelling

Qin Shao: The Mismatch; Ouyang Yuqian and Theater Report in Nantong, 1919–1922

Michelle Dibello: Longing for Worldly Pleasures: An Example of the Sacred vs. the Profane in Contemporary Chinese Drama

Colin Mackerras: Chinese Traditional Theater: A Revival in the 1990s?

Peter Mimic (translator): Pop Music Commands a Huge Audience Today: An Interview with the Young Composer Li Lifu

Katherine Carlitz: Ritual and Scripture in Chinese Popular Religion: Five Studies, edited by David Johnson. Book Review

Lindy Li Mark: International Workshop on Oral Literature in Modern China, Copenhagen, August 29–31, 1996. Conference Report

CHINOPERL Papers No. 18 (1995)

Obituary: Wu Xiaoling

Vibeke Børdahl: Narrative Voices in Yangzhou Storytelling

Wenwei Du: Xuetou: Comic Elements as Social Commentary in the Suzhou Pinghua Storytelling

Richard Van Ness Simmons: The Oral Transmission of a Late-Nineteenth Century Harngjou Lyric

Kimberly Besio: Enacting Loyalty: History and Theatricality in The Peach Orchard Pledge

Yao Yao: From Performance to Text: Combat Format on Stage and Combat Descriptions in Fiction

Lindy Li Mark: Food, Political Satire, Two Themes in Sichuan Mulian Ritual Drama: the 1993 Symposium Performance

Ch’iu-Kuei Wang: Studies in Chinese ritual and Ritual Theater: A Bibliographical Report

Fan Pen Chen: A Chinese-English Dictionary of Enigmatic Folk Similes (Xiehouyu), by John Rosenow. Book Review

Grace Wiersma: South of the Clouds: Tales from Yunnan, edited by Lucien Miller. Book Review

CHINOPERL Papers No. 17 (1994)

Dedication to Harold Shadick

David Rolston: Oral Performing Literature in Traditional Chinese Fiction: Non-realistic Usages in the Jin Ping Mei Cihua and Their Influence

CHINOPERL Papers No. 16 (1992-1993)

Dedication to Rulan C. Pian

Letter from the Editors

Perry Link: The Mum Sparrow: Non-vegetarian Xiangsheng in Action

Vibeke Børdahl: Wen Bai Yi Du, Literary and Colloquial Forms in Yangzhou Storytelling

Gregory Guldin: Cantonese Opera in a Colonial Cultural Context

Fan Pen Chen: The Many Faces of Yang Guifei in Chinese Drama

Dana Bourgerie: Eating the Mosquito: Transmission of a Chinese Children’s Folksong

Wei Hua: Dreams in Tang Xianzu’s Plays

Su De San Zheng: From Toisan to New York: Muk’yu Songs in Folk Tradition

David Johnson: Report on the International Conference on Chinese Southern Opera (Nanxi) and Mulian Opera in the Jin Ping Mei Cihua and Their Influence

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