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CHINOPERL Papers No. 29 (2010)

From the Editor


Jing Shen: Attempts to Adapt the Novel Honglou meng as a Chuanqi Drama

Carolyn Fitzgerald: Mandarin Ducks at the Battlefield: Ouyang Yuqian’s Shifting Reconfigurations of Nora and Mulan

Cathryn Fairlee: Nine Generations of Pi Wu Lazi (Pi the Fifth, the Hot Pepper) in Yangzhou Pinghua


Fan Pen Chen: “Baldy’s Wedding Night”: A Post-Midnight Marionette Play from Shaanxi

Wilt L. Idema: Four Miao Ballads from Hainan


Ellen Johnston Laing: Boris Riftin and Chinese Popular Woodblock Prints as Sources on Traditional Chinese Theater

Conference Reports and Performance Reviews

Colin Mackerras: The Imperial Granary Production of Mudan ting (The Peony Pavilion)

Li Ruru: 2010 Commemorations of the Theatrical Careers of Cao Yu and Li Yuru

Rüdiger Breuer: Yangzhou Pinghua Storyteller Ma Xiaolong Tours Europe

Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak: A Report on the Conference “Corporeal Nationalisms: Dance and the State in East Asia,” September 10‒12, 2010, University of California, Berkeley

Book Reviews

Hongchu Fu: Monks, Bandits, Lovers and Immortals: Eleven Early Chinese Plays, edited and translated with an Introduction by Stephen H. West and Wilt L. Idema

Colin Mackerras: The Soul of Beijing Opera: Theatrical Creativity and Continuity in the Changing World, by Li Ruru

Anne McLaren: The Butterfly Lovers: The Legend of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai: Four Versions, with Related Texts, edited and translated with an Introduction by Wilt L. Idema

CHINOPERL Papers No. 28 (2008-2009) 

From the Editor


Bell Yung: Deconstructing Chinese Opera: Tears on Barren Hill on the Contemporary Stage

Fan Pen Chen: Short Version of River Yang (a.k.a., The Four Saints Return to Heaven): A Marionette Play from Shaanxi

Victor Carvellas: Eavesdropping in the Afterlife: Love and Filial Piety in Chuanqi Drama

Reports and Reviews

Regina Llamas: A Report on the Oslo Symposium on The Interplay of Oral and Written Traditions in Chinese Fiction, Drama and Performance Literature, Nov. 5-6, 2007, Oslo, Norway

Fan Pen Chen: Book Review: The Role of the Chou (“Clown”) in Traditional Chinese Drama: Comedy, Criticism and Cosmology on the Chinese Stage, by Ashley Thorpe

In memoriam

Gao Zaihua (1929-2009) Vibeke Børdahl*
Theodore Pian (1919-2009) Bell Yung

* Includes Gao’s autobiography, “How I Studied the Art of Storytelling”

CHINOPERL Papers No. 27 (2007)

Special issue on Storytelling dedicated to Kate Stevens

Letter from the Editors

Wang Jingshou: Kate Stevens, Quirky Friend of China’s Performed Narrative Arts

Susan Blader: Kate Stevens is My Friend

Sun Shujun: To the American Conference for Chinese Oral and Performing Literature

Cai Yuanli and Bao Chengjie: Shi Qingzhao and Her Research on Chinese Performed Narrative Arts

Victor Mair: A Tribute and an Irish Blessing for Kate

Cathryn Fairlee: To My Storytelling Mentor

Venan Hrdličková: The Story of Lao Ma and Its Versions in Beijing Storytelling

Junko Iguchi: The Function of Written Text in Chinese Oral Narrative: The Process of Composition in Laoting dagu

Vibeke Børdahl: A Drum Tale on “Wu Song Fights the Tiger”

Boris Riftin: The “Tale of Wu Song” in Chinese Popular Prints

Stefan Kuzay: The Wopao zhuan and Other Dramas in Shan’ge and Shidiao Songs of Late Qing China

Stephen Jones: Turning a Blind Ear: Bards of Shaanbei

Mark Bender: Ashima and Gamo Anyo: Aspects of Two “Yi” Narrative Poems

Colin Mackerras: Commercialization and Chinese Traditional Theater and Storytelling in the Reform Period

Lindy Li Mark: Review of Kate Stevens, Chinese Storytelling

CHINOPERL Papers No. 26 (2005-2006)

Special issue dedicated to James I, Crump, Jr.

Jeff Keller: Xiangkong laoweng (The Codger Who Soars through the Sky): James I. Crump, Jr., and Chinese Oral and Performing Literature (Including a Bibliography of Professor Crump’s Published Scholarly Writing)

Cyril Birch: Remembering Jim

Milena Deleželová-Veligerová: Jim Crump: A Sinologist who Loved and Taught the Pleasures of Life

Shu-Chu Wei: My Adventure of Working with Jim Crump

Kimberly Besio: The Moheluo Doll Revisited: Yuan Drama in the Late Ming

Wilt L. Idema: Li Kaixian’s Revised Plays by Yuan Masters (Gaiding Yuanxian chuanqi) and the Textual Transmission of Yuan Zaju as Seen in Two Plays by Ma Zhiyuan

Dana Kalvodová: The Story of the Haunted Grave Mound

Ching-Hsi Perng: “With this Door between Us”: Visualizing Pathos in Rain on the Xiaoxiang, “Barely”

Patricia Sieber: Rethinking the History of Early Sanqu Songs

Stephen H. West: Jin Shengtan, Mao Qiling, Commentary and Sex, and the Caizi Mudan ting Notes to Story of the Western Wing
Shiao-Ling Yu, From Revenge to What?: Seven Hundred Years of Transformations of The Orphan of Zhao

Fan Pen Chen: Translations from Wang Bocheng’s Tales of the Tianbao Era (Tianbao yishi): Genre and Eroticism in the Zhugongdiao
Shu-Chu Wei, Qiaoying (The Image in Disguise), by Wu Za

CHINOPERL Papers No. 25 (2003-2004)

Vibeke Børdahl: The Voice of Wang Shaotang in Yangzhou Storytelling

Fan Pen Chen: Forbidden Fruits: Prohibitions on the Performance of Female and Han Ethnic Identities

Lucie Olivová: Chinese and Japanese Storytelling: Selected Topical Bibliography of Věna Hrdličková and Zdeněk Hrdlička, with an Introduction

Shu-chu Wei: Report on the Shanghai Hybrid Production of The Peach Blossom Fan using Kunqu and Peking Opera Forms

In memoriam:

Hans Hermann Frankel Mourning the Passing of Dana Kalvodová
Professor J. I. Crump

CHINOPERL Papers No. 24 (2002)

Jing Shen: The Concept of Bense in Ming Drama Criticism

Mei Sun: Exploring the Historical Development of Nanxi, Southern Theater

David Branner: “Red Cliffs” in Taiwanese Hanbun

Guan Jiazheng: Zhao Jingshen’s Editing of the Shanghai Special Vernacular Literature Weekly Features (trans. Kathryn Lowry)

Roundtable on Oral Performance in the Digital Age:
Mark Bender: Chinese Folk Tradition and Digital Video
Margaret Baptist Wan: Oral Performance in Print and Webcast
Fan Pen Chen: Digital Technology and Documentation of the Oral Tradition
Open Forum
Bret Sutcliffe: Report on the Kunqu Concert at Lion Hill and the Kunqu Amateur Convention at Suzhou, November 2001

Notice of the Website of Chinese Storytelling

CHINOPERL Papers No. 23 (2000–2001)

C. K. Wang: The Collecting and Editing of Taoist Ritual Texts

Sara Davis: Sithat Auk Boht: A Tai Buddhist Tale from Yunnan

Jon Kowallis: Die Merkwürdige Geschichte der Sai Jinhua: Historisch Philologie Untersuchung zur Entstehung und Verbreitung einer Legende aus der Zeit des Boxeraufstands, by Stephan von Minden. Book Review

Yu Li: Conference Report of Beyond Peony Pavilion: Performance, Ethnicity and Cultural Processes in China, Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, April 27–28, 2001.